Kyiv, IEC
03 - 06.03.2021

Organizers: Kyiv International Contract Fair and PRIMA INTERIOR
Development of the concept: Oleksandr Smaga, architect, SMAGA DESIGN studio

When? February 27 – March 2, 2019
Where? International Exhibition Centre, 15 Brovarskyi Ave., Kyiv

AUDITORIUM OZ space is a creative design platform, a meeting and communication place for professional audience: architects, designers, furniture manufacturers and ordering customers.

Lecture zone is a place for presentations, public lectures and interaction between like-minded people and professionals. It is a concept zone with the exhibition of Ukrainian object design.

Conceptual idea of OZ space

“The form itself, even if it is completely abstract and similar to geometric, has its internal sound and is a spiritual being with the qualities identical to this form” – Vasyl Kandynskyi.

The words said one hundred years ago haven’t lost their power and significance till now. As before, we experiment with colours, forms and symbols, trying to find sense in this mystery and to get closer to the harmony of inner and outer space. It is a constant search. With these symbols and this collaboration we have tried to express and convey that internal sound and energy which all of us have and which unites and makes us move forward.

AUDITORIUM OZ space, having 300 sq. m exhibition area, is roughly divided into four zones:

Concept zone – central geometric composition of OZ space
Exhibitors presenting Ukrainian object design exposition of OZ space
Lecture zone – space for lectures and presentations by Ukrainian and foreign designers and architects
Lounge zone – place for communication

OZ space is a country of designers-magicians, the exhibition of Ukrainian object design.

All of us regardless of age need a fairy tale, even when we are so sure, that we are too old for them. Every day designers-magicians demonstrate us new proofs that fantasy doesn’t depend on age. In OZ space you will see iron, wooden, ceramic and woollen, glass and woven, aesthetic and functional, smart and emotional things created by magicians.

We singled out two main features apparent for all magicians of OZ space:

The first one – Ukrainian design is honest, natural, live and even mystical.
The second one – Ukrainian design is symbolic, minimalistic and … ironic.

We meet in magic OZ space:

“Those who can” – residents of the black square
“Those who know” – residents of the green triangle
“Those who want” – emotional residents of the white area

число та часи роботи
03 - 06.03.2021
10:00 - 19:00
Brovarsky Avenue, 15
m. Livobrezhna