Kyiv, IEC
March 9 - 11, 2023
Winners of the 21st Ukrainian contest for furniture manufacturers Best Mebel UA 2021!

31 sets of furniture were presented by contestants of BEST Mebel UA 2021 – the best Ukrainian furniture manufacturers, for jury’s consideration! The jury’s task was not only to point out those producers whose furniture meets quality criteria required by the contest conditions, but also to see the peculiarities of each contestant, his uniqueness and help him change it into a driving force to transform and develop.

Winners of the 21th Ukrainian contest for furniture manufacturers BEST Mebel UA 2021 are:
In “Kitchen 2021” category: Maestro Kitchen by ETC for “SOFT” kitchen
In “Upholstered set” category: DAVIDOS PRODUCTION for “BROOKLYN” modular system
In “Kitchen 2021” category: ELIO for “UMBRA” kitchen
In “Modular office furniture” category: ART-PROM for “Snevo” negotiation cabin
In “Bedroom furniture set” category: ZEGEN for “DUOO” furniture collection

For meeting high environmental standards the awards went to:
ART-PROM – “For the best eco-friendly product for people”
ELIO – “For realization of sustainable development goals of the UN: “Industry, innovations and infrastructure”
Maestro Kitchen by ETC – “For realization of sustainable development goals of the UN: responsible consumption and production”
Designers were awarded as well, because the lion’s share of efforts to create the best Ukrainian furniture is theirs:
“For design of kitchen furniture “Soft” and “Grato” of Maestro Kitchen by ETC” – Anna Chumak
ZEGEN company and Andrii Mohyla – for successful tandem
“For design of “UMBRA” kitchen, “Nordic” cupboard and the best design concept of ELIO HOME stand” – Maryna Cherkashyna.

The following companies were awarded with diplomas:
“For the best debut and creation of high-quality furniture” – Veles furniture factory
“For functionality and exquisiteness of upholstered furniture design”– BLANCHE
“For the best complex solution for interior of residential and public spaces” – ELIO HOME

In the category “Consumers’ choice” – “Konstanta” furniture factory
“For the best multi-functionality of upholstered furniture” – Viko Furniture
“For the best product in medium segment of upholstered furniture” – AMERS furniture factory
“For a breakthrough in the segment of office furniture” – ART-PROM company

Laureates of Ukrainian KIFF 2021 and BEST MEBEL UA rating are:
“For the best export product in Upholstered furniture category” – Konstanta furniture factory
“For the best export product and brand promotion in Upholstered furniture category” – BLANCHE
“For the best non-standard style solutions in kitchen production” – Maestro Kitchen by ETC
“For the best product in mass market segment” – DIVANOFF TM
“The best furniture manufacturer of premium segment” – ELIO

Congratulations to the winners!!!

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March 9 - 11, 2023
10:00 - 18:00
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